Natural fibre mats wanted now. For yoga’s sake. (1/3)
Natural fibre mats wanted now. For yoga’s sake. (1/3)

Natural fibre mats wanted now. For yoga’s sake. (1/3)

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Yoga, on a path to our better selves.

Yogis worldwide are united in being considerate and mindful about the environment, in an effort to honour the integrity, oneness, harmony and non-harm spiritual principles of the practice.

Is yoga a moral framework used to outgrow our limitations, in the face of demanding, fast-paced, wanting-to-have-it-all livelihoods? To many it is. It provides wisdom on how to look inwards and how to apply the learnt calmness outwards. It gives us that regular hour of respite in which we reach deep and stretch the mind and body in an attempt to strive for better versions of ourselves.
Yogis, from aspiring to advanced, unite in caring about the space around us and our oneness with it, wanting to preserve the beauty and richness of the world and our mark on it.

There's a delicate balance in continuing to achieve differentiation and performance in the modern yoga movements and staying true to the ancestral principles above.

When we took that first yoga class or read that first yoga article that had inspired us, we might still have had the idyllic picture perfect stillness and nourishment of the practice and the unadulterated ways to achieving it.

And as we dove deeper and connected with more practitioners, we learnt about many schools of yoga and the philosophies that supported them but we were reassured that the fundamentals of what yoga stands for were still within them all. We breathed easier because it was mainly about finding the practice, teacher and venue that suited us, while we were still within the bounds of that higher purpose that justified the time and energy we poured into it.