Pure natural fibre practice mat

Yolana - Pure Natural Fibre Yoga Mats

Pure natural fibre

Nature has all the answers and we just need to look, listen and learn from it. Why try to invent properties in man made materials when the pure natural fibre has them all. Our mats are made from merino and mid micron wool fibre, blended for unparalleled cushioning and smoothness.

Fit for purpose

Through superior German craftsmanship, the blended fleece is transformed into a performing practice mat. A discreet and designed-for-purpose, biodegradable coating is added in select areas on top and bottom sides for grip functionality.

Own space

This mat helps you forget about being on a mat, because it simply belongs. Lightweight with dense cushioning, durable and flexible, this mat belongs to the flow of yoga, to the flow of movement, to your aim towards a truer you.

Ethical and Traceable

Yolana practice mats are renewable, biodegradable and made with no harm to nature or a living being. The fibre is sourced from known New Zealand farms where animal welfare is of the highest standards.

Good for your Health.
Good for the Planet.

odour resistant, moisture wicking



constant temperature

natural, renewable & biodegradable

sunlight cleanses it

keeps oceans clean

Yolana Mat

Our wool is grown on the backs of grass fed sheep in New Zealand farms.